Sunday Mornings

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

Sundays bring to mind sunshine, rainbows, steeples, Church hats, suits, lace socks, and shiny shoes. I haven’t been to Church in a while but I feel a desire to return. I just need to find the right one. I raised my kids Catholic- they’re all baptised and received all of their scheduled sacraments. I even converted myself for consistency and interest. However, as time goes on, I realize that I’m not fully connected to all Catholic tenets. I can’t believe I just let that out.

I grew up in a largely Black African-American spiritual environment and I truly miss that. Where I live in NYC, there are so many Churches to choose from that may fit that description but I’m also in need of that Southern spirituality so I choose to worship from home. My kids are of mixed races and ethnicities and, therefore, have different cultural influences molding them at home. I just feel so bad that we are not going to Church in these formative, hormonal years.

Every Sunday morning, I spend time to reflect on my week, overall being, and future aspects. I’m reading a new book, Possum Living by Dolly Freed, with the hope of inspiring me to reduce the clutter, luxuries, and needs to simplify my life. More to come!

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