Why blog?

Fun fact: Blog is a verb and a noun :-).

The inspiration for this blog came from a social media post by a well-known comedian in which he criticized young ladies for their lack of personal hygiene. One of the commenters on that post attributed the poor hygiene to a generational effect of a series of young mothers, i.e., the young lady’s mom was a teen mom and the grandmother was as well. It was a funny comment but then I reflected on it. I was a teen mom and so was my mother.

Do my teens have poor hygiene? Did I teach them proper care? Am I a bad parent? Dammit!

Ummm, no! I’m an amazing mom- young and all. That comment on that post was in jest but extremely offensive as it implied that young mothers do a poor job in rearing their children. I’m here to proclaim that isn’t always true. My girls know how to take care of themselves. Whether they always choose to…well, that’s another story. More to come!